This day-bag was designed with my needs in mind! A bag with a pocket for everything. A stretchy water bottle sleeve, a zipper pocket for wallet and phone, a slip pocket for my charger and nicknacks, and lastly a large front pocket that I can gain access to while wearing. On the right side it has a zipper the full length of the bag to allow quick interior access. When the side is oppen there is a safe interior zip pocket for hidden cash, passport and other secret things. Buckels are zink alio, side relise with tension locks that helps keep the back pack colapsed tight and stay slimm. Fabric is sourced from old sample swatches of japanese cotton with indigo die from Three Looms. This bag can easly hold up to 30 liters of day to day stuff such as, watter, lunch, laptop, sketchbook, sweater, umbrella, and dancing shoes for the night. Now I can proudly advertise my skill and craft.